How do I clean my Pinch Hitters? Pinch Hitter Shoes are long-lasting and easy to clean. Damp a paper towel with a small amount of soap and water, use disinfectant wipe, or apply some antibacterial solution to sole of the shoe, wipe and put away for another day.

How long can a pair last? With proper care, a pair of Pinch Hitter Shoes can last anywhere from two to five years.

Can I wear my Pinch Hitter Shoes daily, like regular flip flop? Of course, your Pinch Hitter Shoes were made to last, so wear then as often as you like.

Can I custom order Pinch Hitter Shoes? Yes, you certainly can. Submit your request to sales@pinchhittershoes.com and someone will gladly assist you with your custom order.

Will you ever have Pinch Hitter Shoes in regular sizes: Yes, eventually we will convert to regular sizes

Can someone in another country purchase Pinch Hitter Shoes? Yes, they can. Please contact sales@pinchhittershoes.com and someone will assist them with placing an international order.