Pinch Hitter Shoes

Pinch Hitter Shoes is a small minority owned company. We are excited to be occupying a piece of the ever-evolving and important space in the shoe industry. We saw a need for foldable, temporary shoes, realized that a market existed for them and set out to make it happen. We exist to bring you fashionable, well-made, compact shoes that can be worn time and again for those occasions when your feet need a break from, dancing, hiking, and everything in-between.

Take a walk in our Pinch Hitter Shoes

Pinch Hitter Shoes is a labor of love, commitment and fun. With little effort, our foldable flats will keep you looking great and prepared for any occasion. Our mission is to keep evolving, introducing new designs, and producing foldable shoes with the fashion conscious individual in mind. We know you will enjoy your Pinch Hitter Shoes as much as we enjoy bringing them to you so, slip on a pair and take that walk with us.

Weekend Get-away
Morning After
home turf shoe
weekend stoll

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