Pinch Hitter Shoes


After a few too many occasions of my best friend and I going barefoot and carrying our cute, but unforgiving, heels in our hands, I knew there had to be a solution out there. So, I created one! With Pinch Hitter Foldable Flats, we now have the best of both worlds—functional style that can keep up with our busy lifestyles, and our feet have never been happier!

I loved loved these Pinch Hitters. They are very attractive, comfortable and fit perfectly...


These are the most amazing flip flops I have ever owned. I loved the Morning After so much I purchased Weekend Get-away as well


Excitement over Pinch Hitter Shoes

Recently, an associate from Pinch Hitter shoes was having a conversation with a young lady who said she went to a function in a very hip part of town. She was wearing some very stylish heels, but as the morning stretched into late evening, her feet began to scream. She said she walked into several stores looking for anything to wear to give her feet a break and could find nothing. She couldn’t wait to purchase her 1st pair of Pinch Hitters Shoes.

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